Murder by Dialect (Fatcap Edit 2007)

Murder by Dialect (Fatcap Edit 2007)


feat. Black Tiger &
Feminin professor

Vocals Black Tiger / Feminin
Scen / Tron
Scratches Tron & DJ Radikkal

© 1991 P-27 / Slice Productions (SUISA)
© 2007 P-27 / TwentySeven Records (SUISA) 



This is P-27 from Basle-City, Switzerland
Tron, unknown witness of Doom
Scen, the mutha****in' ducklock
DJ Radikkal, the rhythm overseer
And P.D. Slice, the man behind the trigger
Featuring guest appearance by the
Black Tiger and the Feminine Professor
So, it's a murder by dialect
Yo Radikkal, kick that shit!

We're no bullshittin' teenage underground group
P-27 is a hardcore troop
Bam! Rhymin' like a shotgun
Think critical, act political!

Y bin e Schprayer, und y schpray' won y will
Das isch e Basler Rap, drum loos' zue und sig schtill
D'Polizei will mi schtoppe, dass schaffe die nie
Wenn die mi schtresse wänn, hänn sie nur drmit mieh
Dir saget ych vrschmier' alles und sig e Vandal
Doch y vrzier' nur Betonwänd, wo gruusig sin und kahl
Ych trag' nur zur Vrschönerig vom Schtadtbild bi
Graffiti isch e Kunscht, Kunscht isch alles für mi
Ych hass' Dr graui Alldaag, vo däm han y gnueg
Y will nümm schtill sy, y gib' nie meh Rueh
Es git Lütt, die saagen ych sig e Typ ohny Niveau
Doch die wärde mi nie vrschtoh
In den Auge vo dr Polizei bin ych kriminell
Zue dene sag' ych nur eins: Go to hell!
Löhnd mi in Rueh und schtööret mi nid
Wenn ych am Bahnhof schpray, sunnscht fänd' ych das shit
Bulleschtress und Bürgerwehr
Lütt mit Hünd, bewaffnet mit Gwehr
Dummi Type, die mache mi vrruggt
Die sölle mi in Rueh loh susch schlohn' y zrugg
Die wänn mi manipuliere, fruschtriere
Damit ych nümme due Wänd vrschmiire
D'Polizei will mi schtoppen und ins Gfängnis kheie
Damit ych ändlig uffhör', alles z'vrschpraye
Nur kai Angscht, ych wird nie uffhöre
Denn ych bi au aine vo dene Vrschwörer
Aine wo d'Schtadt e chli farbiger macht
Graui Wänd loht vrsuffen in dr Farbepracht
Im Farbemeer, das isch nid schwer
S'einzige, wo schtört, isch d'Bürgerwehr
Die sött me abschaffe, wie d'Armee
In e Kischte vrpagge und ab drmit in See


Du findisch Baseldütsche Rap nid guet
Doch du muesch zuegäh, ych ha wenigschtens Muet
Ych bi dr erschti Typ wo uff Baseldütsch rappt
Das isch erschte Vrsuech, drum isches noni perfäggt
Toys und Suckers, wo mi aabemache
Über sönigi Lütt chan ych nur lache
Die sölle mi in Friede loh
So dummi Type loss' ych aifach schtoh
In Basel, dört bin ych daheim
D'Hip Hop Szene isch dört nid glai
Es wimmlet dört vo Schprayer und Rapper
Breakdancer, DJs und Tagger
Unseri Hip Hop Szene isch im cho
Und sie wird sich nid uffhalte loh
Hip Hop, Boom, isch alles für mi
Basel, dä Rap isch für Di!

P-27, is a number one thing
If you never heard'o'this, it's time to get some swing
Move to the rhythm and pump that shit
Too short, Baby, gotta go with it
Wanna get hard? I gotta do that, too
'Cos I'm the only Female in this Crew
Rappin' the lyrics and shout into the crowd
I hope you gonna like it, and start to get proud
This ain't the time, 'cause it's off my mind
To beat think girl with a bunch of lies
Play by rules, get some blue eyes
I'm the girl who screws the guys
Put some on ice, they move too slow
Don't have a will, whatever?
So, two more lines, and that's it
Of this mother ****in' bullshit

That's my big turn and you wanna hear my rap?
The groove with the rhymes now follow with a handclap
Spellin' from the S to the C to the E and to the N
Fallin' with the rain, yo, my name is Scen
Dumb mother****ers with ****in' blue dress
Shit on your chest, but you can really not impress
We're from Basle City, a swiss crew like this
It's a serious shit
Playin' in a club arounded with my whole gang
Got my own rules, but I don't wanna kill Sam
I've got inspiration, I hate discrimination
F**k that shit that song has no dedication
It's a dangerous part, when you listen to this track
We're tha European mutha****in' dream attack
Thinkin' like a crminial, handle with a weapon
Surprise, I'm Scen from P-27

Halloween, the night of Doom
Celebrating the light of the moon
Burning crosses, talkin' shit I say
That's how I see the muther****in' KKK
At home, they listen on my telephone
Think I'm the new one of that mutha****in' Al Capone
Check out my girl when she's gonna buy cigarette
Lookin' at my ass, while I'm sitting on a toilet
Goddamn, what we're gonna do
With these ****in' bastards
I call them bad boys in blue
I'm gonna bite your nuts, rip your dick
And propose, to suck your foolish brain out of your nose
I shave your head polish it clean
I piss on your skin, you know what I mean
Why don't you let the pressure release
'Cos nobodoy gives a **** about the P.O.LICE



Lyrics: Black Tiger / Feminin Professor / Scen / Tron
Musik: Tron
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