Theme from P-27

Theme from P-27


Vocals: Tron & Skelt!
Scratches: DJ Drozt

© 2007 P-27 / TwentySeven Records (SUISA)



Here it
Is, Bam! Another 27
Jam, hosted by Skelt! and me the Tronman
Nineteen ninety one, we had Evil Dreams of
Murder, it’s just begun
This one’s called the Overdose Funk
Bones on the steering wheel, Irun on dunk
Hang on brother, hang on, Kid
We were on a mission, and that’s it ssssss…
…Shit, kei Ussruefe-Zeiche für e Tagbelt?!’s
Cans, adidas, it’s rap, it’s Skelt!
Scen left to make place for the new „P”
Feel-X, Matt, for Chyle and for J.P.
He was the man with the fire in his hand
DJ Radikkal, the one man band
Ninety three, ya-ya-yaaa
Time to holla! Jetzt funkt’s aa!

We are the P, Twenty
Seven, so do not flee, it’s
Fun and Funk we seed, from the
Rhein-knee, from Basle City
Who are you, is what we never knew, we
Just know that we love to rock for you, we
Just know that we love to rhyme
And give a lil’ good time

With our
Funky Spacedüsn onto our backs
Lägg sin mir wäg gsi, first time on wax
Three Dwarfs runnin’ around
Scratchin’ with the finger’s our sound
After the tour, and another “Hoorkur!” After
Black celebration in Wil, Zug’n Chur, the
Wizards’o’Stylemix, fixed new licks’n’tricks
Chapter 12, Gleis X
They told us that it will be like in heaven, pushed the
Button elevator to hell, Floor 27
Moos futsch, Jay gone, Raddy got lost, but we
Won the style, of DJ Drozt, it
Was a must, had songs to play, some
To say, had to go the only way
Friendship, compromises and our will, made
Possible, that we’re back, and still…



Lyrics: Tron
Musik: Tron
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